Pictures from Transformer’s Station


These two images compelled me the most at transformer’s station. The photographer Rania Matar has a way of connecting with her subjects and that make them seem as ease. Instead of taking pictures of people just smiling and having the most generic fake poses. She captures them doing completely natural stances. I see so many portraits of people doing the most cheesy poses. But Rania captures her subjects in such a unique way it moves you and makes you think about what’s the subjects life like behind the frame.

In the first portrait from A Girl and Her Room, the environment around her matches her shirt and her shoes. It’s interesting how all the color are similar and it unifies the whole image. This pictures moves me because it reminds me of a time in my life when I was younger. My sisters and I all shared a room and we had a bunk bed like that. I would use a laptop a lot in bed and the image really made me reflect on the past. I would also wear converse shoes at that time and my hair was curly and long like hers. I like how her pose is so causal it seems like she doesn’t even know that there’s someone taking a photo of her. The composition of the image is interesting because its a bit higher off the ground and she is not sitting up in the bed.

In the second image from the series Unspoken Conversations, this image moved me in Transformer station. The poses of the mom and daughter spoke to me. As I am a college student now and I am not afraid of giving a hug to my mom to show her how much I appreciate all she has done for me in my life. I am not leaving and moving away like a lot of college students and I am staying at home with my parents. I think this image shows that the daughter will always be there for her mom. Even though her mom is always worrying about her. I also like how the subjects are looking at the camera directly. The snowy environment shows that this isn’t an easy time of their life. For there’s big changes happening but they can get past the storm and move on.




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